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Marketing and Sales Associate (Wilmington)

Posted: Saturday, October 15, 2011

Job Description: This is for a commission only position where you set the hours you work. May become hourly plus commissions depending on performance.

The following is the job description:

1. Coordinates and executes all advertising and direct marketing promotional activities including mail, e-mail, web, telemarketing and print. (25%)

a.Manages schedules for implementation of marketing plans, communicates schedules to all relevant parties and ensures dates are met.

b. Works with program managers to understand audience, market and event.

2. Administers list plans for all event, print and e-mail promotions -- pull internal lists and orders external lists. (25%)

a. Prepares list analysis, response analysis and marketing activity reports.

b. Analyzes and evaluates marketing results to ensure financial objectives are met.

3. Marketing assignments to include the following concentration areas: Corporate Marketing, Data & Marketing Analytics, Database Strategies, End-to-End Marketing Program Implementation, National New Business Development Projects, and Public Relations. (50%)

4. As a bonus we are now an authorized DirecTV dealer with the opportunity to earn extra commissions.

Qualifications: Be persuing marketing degree or business related field and at least a 3rd year student in aforementioned fields or 3+ years in the field.

Knowledge of computers, servers, routers, switches, etc. is preferred but not required.

Familiarity with word-processing and database applications is important for most positions. Computer skills are vital because marketing, product promotion, and advertising on the Internet are increasingly common.

Should be mature, creative, highly motivated, resistant to stress, flexible, and decisive. The ability to communicate persuasively, both orally and in writing, with other managers, staff, and the public is vital. You need tact, good judgment, and exceptional ability to establish and maintain effective personal relationships with supervisory and professional staff members and client firms.

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Contract On-Site and Remote IT Technicians (Wilmington) 

Posted: Saturday, October 15, 2011

This is for Contract Only (1099) On-Site and Remote IT Technicians.

Remote IT technicians interact with customers through web based remote control software. In additon they direct new customers and clients to the web portal to initiate a remote session. This is on a per call basis and is billed accordingly.

On-Site IT technicians are dispatched to both residential and commercial calls and can include break-fix, networking, configuration, virus removal, servers, active directory, etc. This is on a per call basis and is billed accordingly.

Experience and certifications are preferred. General Liability is recommended.

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